Reinforced Endotracheal Tube

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Available Configuration
  • Flexo-metallic Re-enforced Endo Tracheal Tube for airway management intended for use in surgeries demanding flexible head or neck position.
  • Specially designed, suitable to laryngeal-tracheal anatomy, ensuring patient safety.
  • Flexo-metallic feature provides 100% kink resistance & anti crushing strength to the Endo Tracheal Tube. Additionally, facilitates exact & precise placement. 
  • Easy, non-traumatic intubation and ex-tubation.
  • Specially designed soft cuff with high volume & low pressure feature, provides effective seal between tube & trachea. & minimizes the risk of creases and folds.
  • Provision  of  radio opaque line with precise graduation marking guarantees proper placement of the tube.
  • Murphy eye ensures clear airway and no mucus blockage.
  • Sterile, Individually  packed in a peel open pack.
Available Configuration
  • Sizes : 5.0 mm to 10.00 mm bore with 0.5 mm stage.
  • Box of 5 / Master Box of 100.