Urine Collecting Bag

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Available Configuration
  • Closed urine drainage system for short as well as long term use.
  • Manufactured from soft clinical grade PVC sheeting.
  • Reinforced eyelets allow easy hanging and provide maximum protection against tearing.
  • Push/Pull type bottom outlet allows convenient emptying.
  • Kink resistant 90cm tube provided with universal tapered connector.
  • Easy to read scale for quick determination of urine volume.
  • Available in sterile individual packs & non-sterile bulk packs.
Available Configuration
  • Capacity : 2000 ml.
  • Tube Length : 90 cm.
  • Sterile individually packed, Pack of 25 / Master box of 250.
  • Non sterile bulk pack, Box of 200 / Master box of 400.
  • 1020A with NRV and bottom outlet.
  • 1020AH with NRV, bottom outlet and carrying hanger.
  • 1020T with NRV and ‘T’ tap bottom outlet.
  • 1020B with NRV & without outlet.