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Available Configuration
  • Manufactured from specially formulated & biocompatible PU material.
  • Specially designed soft tip catheter to make the insertion easy & non-traumatic.
  • Based upon much preferred Seldinger technique.
  • Specially designed Kink resistant guidewire with soft J-tip prevents the perforation & provides good torque to ensure firm insertion.
  • Radio opaque catheter with clear marking facilitates correct placement.
  • Kit consist of:
    • Soft tip Polyurethene catheter
    • J-tip Guidewire with Dispensor
    • Y-shaped Introducer Needle
    • Tissue Dilator
    • Suture Wing & Clamp Fastener
    • Scalpel
    • Extension line clamp
    • Syringe 5ml
    • Injection Site
    • Hypodermic Needle
    • Needle Sponge.
Available Configuration
  • Sterile individually packed in hard blister tray.
  • Box of 10 / Master Box of 20.
Optional Sizes
Single Lumen 5FrX20cm
Double Lumen 5FrX8cm
Triple Lumen 7FrX16cm